Memory Drawings / There Is No Perfect Place

There is No Perfect Place” is the second full length album from Anglo-American chamber-folk outfit Memory Drawings. Led by the beguiling hammered dulcimer of Morocco-based American Joel Hanson, ‘There Is No Perfect Place’ features Richard Adams (Hood/The Declining Winter) and Sarah Kemp (Lanterns on the Lake) on guitars and violin respectively. The album showcases a wide palette of sounds delving into Talk Talk atmospherics (‘There is A World Without You’) uplifting ethnic tinged pop (‘Then and Now’), kraut driven experiments (‘The Island of The Day Before’) alongside Basinski – style piano pieces (‘In the House at Midnight”) and glistening examples of the kind of Badalamenti influenced instrumentals that littered their debut album ‘Music For Another Loss’ (Second Language, 2012).

The album was recorded with Leeds based engineer Ross Halden and in Richard Adams home studio in York with guest spots from Florence Fawcett (Glissando), Gareth S Brown (Hood) and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Chris Tenz. The first 200 copies of the album comes with a bonus CD containing remixes by The Sly and Unseen, Benoit Pioulard, William Ryan Fritch, Pausal, A New Line (Related), and Talvihorros.

Released August 18th 2014

Purchase CD (comes in a 6 panel card sleeve design)