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Postcards 35 and 36

Out 1st December two new postcards. Postcard 35 is from Ghost & Tape aka Heine Christensen, a self-taught guitarist and sound engineer based in Barcelona, Spain. On Poble Nou, field recordings, textures and processed acoustic guitar playing present an ep of peaceful and pastoral acoustic electronica of a distinctly warm and ultra-immersive kind.

Postcard 36 is from The Inventors of Aircraft aka Phil Tomsett. A year ago Phil moved to the countryside after living the whole of his adult life in cities. Unsure of what he was looking for, inspiration perhaps or just a different experience. Maybe he was trying to draw on that classic tradition of finding answers in the natural landscape and this ep (and a series of accompanying photos) is both a physical and philosophical document of the first year in his new environment- particularly all those journeys across fields, in complete darkness finding his way by torchlight.

Both numbered and limited to 100 copies.

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