Dayalu / for Nepal

Day?lu / for Nepal




We’re compiling an album to raise donations to help towards the earthquake disaster in Nepal. All donations will be given to the British Red Cross. So far the following artists have been kind enough to contribute: Isan, Machinefabriek, Isnaj Dui, Arovane, The Declining Winter, Memory Drawings, Antonymes, Clem Leek, Leigh Toro, Rough Fields, Brave Timbers, David Newlyn, Field Rotation, The Sly and Unseen, Caught In The Wake Forever, Danny Clay, offthesky, Maps and Diagrams, Visionary Hours, Autistici, Olan Mill, OfHere, James Murray, Daniel Thomas Freeman, Good Weather for an Airstrike, Tegh, The Laborer, HC (aka Headphone Commute), The Green Kingdom and The Rothko Chapel.

Donations are taken via our Bandcamp site where the album is available to pre-order, there is both a digital and CDr version available. Due to the urgency tracks will be added as and when they come in, we’ll release it in full when ready. This isn’t going to be one of those compilations that go on forever with hundreds of tracks, we’re aiming for 2 CDs which is 160 mins max.

On Friday 1st May we donated £500. On Thursday 30th April we donated £500. On Wednesday 28th April we donated £500.

In addition we are now donating 100% income from any of our digital downloads to the cause until we have reached our goal of £1000 £1500 £2000.

Donate / purchase via Bandcamp

Donate direct to the British Red Cross

thanks for your support and kindness.