Our 3rd release of the Collaboration series features 5 tracks of guitar soundscapes from the legendary Dag Rosenqvist aka Jasper TX and Matthew Collings for whom we previously released his collaboration ep with Talvihorros “A Thousand Plateaus”.

Dag Rosenqvist started studying double bass and participated in bands from an early age. When he discovered recording through a borrowed 4-track cassette recorder Jasper TX was born. Dag’s music is mainly guitar driven but when a layer of drums, voices, organs, toy pianos, field recordings and effects are added it becomes something quite special and unique.

Currently based in Edinburgh, Matthew Collings has establishing a reputation as a live performer, notably with his piece ‘Flags of a Dead Ship’, for multiple electric guitars, prepared amplifier, room acoustics and laptop, expanding on the experience of putting together multiple guitar ensembles. His debut full-length album, ‘Splintered Instruments’, produced by Bedroom Community’s Ben Frost, and recorded at Reykjavik’s famed Greenhouse Studios, will be released in 2012 on Bristol’s Fluid Audio.

Released August 2012


Matthew Collings:
Electronics, prepared amplifiers, harpsichord, field recordings and piano harp.

Dag Rosenqvist:
Acoustic and electric guitars. piano, syntheziser, electric organs, pump organs, cassette tapes, drums and voice.

Artwork by Jordan Chatwin

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Selected Reviews:

Fluid Radio: “Ranging from the afore-mentioned crickets to full-on crushing noise, “Wonderland” is every bit the technicolour fairytale adventure one would expect from the title.”

The Muse In Music: “All guitarists have been there, Collings and Rosenqvist have only raised the phenomenon to high art.”