Double Bind is the second release from Rudi Arapahoe; the EP continues from where the album Echoes From One To Another (2008) left off, shifting the artist’s language into an increasingly bleak and abstract superstratum.

The term “double bind” was originally coined by Gregory Bateson and his colleagues in the 1950s, in an attempt to elucidate the interpersonal interactions that were perceived to precede and maintain schizophrenia. The theory is now used to discuss a variety of complex relationships.

Rudi has applied the theory to the relationships that define his world and voiced the findings as music. A face in the mirror, an intimate partner, a public face, a professional face, opponents in business, friendships, the relationships that make up a life; come together to speak, confound and contradict one another.

The resulting music, Double Bind, rings out as complex, knotted chords that represent our lives in society.

Released August 2013, postcard Series No 22, a numbered limited edition 3″ CDr of 100 (Sold out).

Rudi Arapahoe / conception, piano, electronics & field recordings
David Berger / vintage synthesizers
Eve Basilides / voice & harp
Jovana Backovic / voice
Danny Norbury / cello
Sara Chambers / viola

Artwork by Jessica Grant /

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