HB19 : Clem Leek: Holly Lane

There are three editions:

A limited edition of 50 includes a bonus 3" CD. The CD album comes in a 4 panel gatefold cover and the whole thing is packaged in a handmade fabric sleeve, only available via hibernate. (Sold Out)

Standard edition of 200, CD packaged in a 4 panel gatefold cover. Pre-order

Digital edition via iTunes, Amazon, Napster and eMusic.

Release Date: September TBA

Details: Clem Leek is a British musician and composer from Kent in Southern England. Since getting an MA in Music Composition under his belt, Clem has set about getting his wonderful Schedios label up and running and recording material of his own over the last year. 'Through The Annular' was his first EP, fusing some of his piano compositions with the dusty crackle of a 78rpm record. This latter EP was used to spearhead his own Schedios imprint. His second ep 'Snow Tales' was released as a free download on Experimedia. His third ep "pimlico" is a collaboration with Jannick Schou and came out on the Dead Pilot label, it had sold out within hours. Clem Leek's sound is influenced by a number of sources, from the minimalist composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass through to renowned musicians such as Keith Kennif, Max Richter, Matt Hales and many others.

With such a strong reputation for his ability to perform on the piano/keyboard whether live or in the studio, you'd perhaps expect Clem's first full album to be a carefully arranged feast of such compositions. However, 'Holly Lane' is instead a brooding and mysterious listen from start to finish, showing this talented young artists wide production pallette. Throughout this stunning 43 minute record, an overwhelming level of detail can be heard. It is awash with mysterious drone passages, echoes of ghostly instrument accents, glimpses of forgotten radio broadcasts, quiet, unobtrusive percussive sounds all underpinned by a subtle cavernous celestial chorus which really cements this all-round solid album debut.

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